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Recipient of the benefit
The recipient of the benefit is the person who receives the family allowance.
In general, this is the father, but it can also be the mother or the person who raises the child in his or her home or who pays for the main part of its education.
In the case of joint custody and when the child is not mainly brought up by another benefit recipient, the child benefit will be paid out to the mother.

Direct payment to the entitled child itself
The family allowance may be paid out directly to the entitled child itself if he or she:
  • is married
  • is removed from parental custody and resides at a separate address
  • is at least 16 years old and resides at a separate address
  • is himself / herself recipient of benefits for his or her own children

Protest against payment to benefit recipient
In the interest of the child you may enter a protest at the child benefit fund or the social insurance fund against the payment of the family allowance to the recipient determined by the general procedure. You will then have priority as a recipient.
The protest will be entered after authorization by the justice of the peace. It will take effect from its pronouncement to the institution which is competent to make the payment.

Change of recipient
Any change of recipient will take effect from the month following the one during which the change took place.
Example: A child that lives with its father goes back to live with his mother on 2 June. The mother claims child benefit for the month of June. However, she will only receive the benefit from the month of July.